Episode 122 – Late night finger clicking

Episode 122 – Late night finger clicking

Janis went to the Virginia Beach Yarn Getaway Feb 23-26


Ann – Breathing Space

  • Yarn: Merino silk dyed green by Janis and Three Irish Girls merino silk
  • Colors: green and Cair Paravel
  • Needle sizes: US 2.5 and 5
  • Notes: On the sleeves Using German short rows Video

Janis – Fresh Breath,  Breathing Space By Veera Välimäki

  • Yarn: Duck Duck Wool in Blue Tribe and Queen City Yarn in Makeup Fish
  • Needles:  Chia Goo Interchangeables
  • Needle sizes: US 2 and 4

Ann – Rainbow Socks

  • Yarn: Fab Funky Fibers
  • Color: 15 color rainbow
  • Needles: Hiya Hiya Sharp fixed circ
  • Needle Size: US 1
  • Toe up; #rainbowalong2017; 1st sock done

Janis-Big Brioche cowl

  • Yarn: Hedgehog Chubby
  • Color: Coral and Zephyr
  • Needles:  Chia Goo Interchangeables
  • Needle sizes: 13

Janis – Pussy Hat

  • Yarn: QCY bulky
  • Color: Fierce
  • Needles: KP shorties
  • Needle size: US 8 & 10s


Ann – Frolic Homework Yipes Stripes by Ann Weaver

  • Yarn: Mighty Stitch – Knit Picks
  • Colors: White, black, silver, mint, teal
  • Needles: KP shorties
  • Needle Size  US

Ann – Another one??!! – Pinwheel Scraps Blanket

  • Yarn: sock yarn scraps
  • Needles: US 3
  • German Short Rows – new to me and I LOVE them!!  Used this tutorial
  • Working color themed squares. Finished yellow. Started a green

Ann – Shop Sample Lorel Eyes by Christopher Salas

  • Yarn: Hedgehog Fibers Sock
  • Colors: Shiver and Sorry not sorry
  • Needles: Karbonz interchangeables
  • Needle Size: US 5
  • Shop sample for Baskets of Yarn

Janis- Amazing Friends

  • Yarn: Lollipop Yarn
  • Color: Almost Paradise & sunshine
  • Needles: Chia Goo twist
  • Needle Size: US 6

Ann – MIL socks

  • Yarn: Patons Kroy FX
  • Color: Cascade colors
  • Needles: Hiya Hiya Sharpes fixed
  • Needle Size:  US 1.5

Janis – needle adjacent T shirt with a pocket


Waiting WIPs

Ann – Corner to Corner afghan

  • Yarn: Sock yarn Scraps
  • Hook: E
  • Notes – I used this video from the crochet corner as my pattern and will use it again to make it rectangular instead of square.

Ann – Cayambe by PaulinaP

Ann – Another pair of slippers

  • Yarn: Knit Picks WoTA
  • Colors: Currant and Caution ( Winthrop color)

Janis – Timeless Henley By Joji


Newly Acquired

Janis –  Gradient from Wandering Wool, Ball of  yarn from Joan,  Cat bag, Sweater quantity

Ann – Hue Loco – Tightly Knit duo and Garden Gnome




Carolina Fiber Frolic  March 24-26

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Episode 120 – Frosted Tips

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Episode 116 – Harry Potter Day

Episode 116

It’s Ann’s Harry Potter day — She lived!  

The Frolic was awesome!! We all have decided we need a Breathing Space sweater and we both may have yarn for it already.

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Episode 115 – The “G” Word

Episode 115 The “G” Word

SOCKtober prizes are announced!!  You need to contact me EAnnRN. by Dec 1 or it will be redrawn.   

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Episode 114 – Head on Collision

Episode 114

Vacation for Janis was good. SAFF was fabulous. SOCKtober is over. Mass o’ prizes will be handed out next week.

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Ep 113- Crystal Ball

Episode 113

The Divine Llama Winery was SO much fun!

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Episode 112 – A New Dyer

Episode 112 -A New Dyer

Ran into Jenn at the white water center. I’m quitting football – Vols, UNCC, Panthers. Ann went to the homecoming football game at Indian Land High School

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Episode 108- 43 no longer perfect

Episode 108 – No longer perfect

Brian’s team did an awesome job on their relay! We are both over the 90 degree weather, and Ann really doesn’t want to work outside in it.

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Episode 107 – Whale Tail

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Episode 87 – Mental Knitting

Episode 87 – Mental Knitting

Ann’s friend Lauren had her baby and all are doing well. And she gave the other mama at work her blanket and hat and they were well received. Janis and Brian have been enjoying the nice weather. And we are EXCITED about the frolic!!!

New way to fold socks

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Episode 81 – It’s not stripper sparkle

Episode 81 – It’s not stripper sparkle

We chat about the upcoming snowpocalypse that is headed our way and Janis is ready with her Malabrigo Rasta to knit her annual snow day cowl.   Ann’s school lost power on Tuesday. Click below for show notes!

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