Episode 119 Steal your Jujuy

Episode 119 Steal your Jujuy

We get you up to date on all that has happened on our brief hiatus.

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Ep 106 – The one with Christen

Episode 106 The one with Christen

The kids have already gotten Ann sick, so this week our SOCKtober runner up Christen joins me to share some insider tips on how to maximize points for SOCKtober.

You can find Christen on Ravelry and Instagram

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Episode 105 – Siri nobody’s talking to you

Episode 105 Siri nobody’s talking to you

Ann has been crazy busy with school and took her daughter to college. Janis has been busy with work.  We took a week off but really don’t have extra knitting to show for it.  

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Episode 104 – SOCKtober Preorders

Episode 104  SOCKtober Preorders

Ann is back at work, students start Monday, and Janis is busy too!  Join us as we chat about our knitting and preview some SOCKtober preorders.

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Episode 101 – It was not a hunting accident

Episode 101 – It was not a hunting accident

Had fun at knit night at Christen’s house Tuesday night.  Helped Lori unravel a double sock blank.  Knitting at Liz’s this morning was also great!  

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Episode 100!!!! Patterns are for Wussies!

Episode 100!!!! Patterns are for Wussies!

100th episode and its 100 degrees outside. Janis went on a lovely hiking adventure this weekend.  

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Ep 92 Turtle Flu

Episode 92
Ann’s school is doing testing which is making her have less volume in the clinic. Janis and Brian were at a race this weekend.  

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Episode 91- Spring Break

Episode 91
Ann is on Spring Break!! Finally!! I got to go to knitting at Christen ‘s house today! Janis went to the White Water Center this weekend  for the final Olympic trials.

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Episode 82 – Hackers are Stupid!!

Episode 82 – Hackers are stupid

Ann’s Instagram account was hacked and subsequently disabled.  I am trying to get it reinstated but I might have to start over with a new name 🙁

Panthers are in the Super Bowl!!!! Keep Pounding!!

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Episode 79- Everything from Rhinebeck has been Knit

Episode 79

We’re Back!!! Jan is with us! Ann had a good break, helped a sick friend and enjoyed her time off.  Janis recaps her Christmas vacation to the west coast.  To see some of the photos check out THIS link.

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Episode 37 – Click, pay for that!!

Click, pay for that!!

Ann is starting to become a technical knitter! Janis shares a little bit about her adventure to Savannah to dye with The Copper Corgi Fiber Studio. Click on the read more button to check out all of the show notes.

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Episode 8 – A Copper Corgi Show!

Show Notes Episode 8!

A Copper Corgi Show

♦ Girl Talk

We had a ton of fun learning the dyeing basics from Sarah!

dyes dye exp dyeing fence

We also chatted about our 9” Circulars. Janis uses the Chiao Goo bamboo tips and Ann uses Chiao Goo red lace metal tips

Copper Corgi is now at Charlotte Yarn!

♦ Stitch by stitch



I worked on this and am almost finished with the current green wedge.

JANIS – Super Secret Baby Knitting Take 2
  • Yarn/ Color: Copper Corgi- Sweet Tea
  • Yarn/Color: Cascade Heritage- Lime Green
  • Needles: Brittany DPN’s
  • Size: US 3

I’ve made some great progress on this. It’s going MUCH better than the sock monkey.

ANN- Podcast sock

These are becoming only podcast socks.  I work on them when we record and have gotten about another 2 inches done.

Janis – Continental KroyAfterThought Heel Socks by Laura Linneman

I worked on these a little bit this week, mostly just while podcasting.



I finished the second cuff detail and am ready to move on to the rest of the sweater

  • Yarn: Copper Corgi
  • Color: Spanish Moss
  • Needles: 24” Knitters Pride Dreamz
  • Size: US 7

The pieces are DONE! I’ve started the first button bands.




SARAH – Frisson Shawl by Brittany Wilson in Copper Corgi Peacock


♦ Round and Round


SARAH – Black Alpaca from Ashland Bay


SARAH- Orange Ops from her shop
ANN- Mini Spinner- CFF braid

♦ We buy/win stuff

JANIS- Copper Corgi Gradient Kit – Saffron Tigger Lilly
ANN- Copper Corgi Gradient Kit – Key Lime Island

♦ Up and Coming

Zusus Petal KAL starts on July 15th. The Copper Corgi has prepared several awesome colorways for you to pick from. Hope over to her shop and order yours. Your kit will be delivered before July 10th so you will have it in time to start the knit along with us!

Knit in public week June 14-22. We will meet in person at the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery on June 14th from 1pm- until. There are free brewery tours at 2, 3, and 4pm. If it’s nice we will be in the Beirgarten or on the patio. It’s it too warm or raining we will be inside the Brauhaus.  Olde Mecklenburg is located at 215 Southside Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217. For the virtual meetup simply take a picture of you and your knitting out in the wild and post it to instagram or twitter using #CFGKIP and #CarolinaFiberGirls. We have prizes for both the live meetup and the virtual one. So enter as many times as you would like.

A big thank you to our prize contributors: Charlotte Yarn, Michiele Elliot, Cristi Brockaway/Turtlegirl76, The Copper Corgi and the Carolina Fiber Girls 😉


Gradient Kit from Copper Corgi — The Zuzu’s Petal KAL will start July 15th.  Sarah has generously donated one of her new gradient kits for our winner, to be chosen and delivered in time for the KAL.  If you want to be entered to win, please go to the Gradient prize thread in our Ravelry group after you have visited Sarah’s shop and let Sarah know your favorite colorway of hers, or a colorway you would like to see from her.  One entry/comment per person, and you must be a member of our Ravelry group to enter. **We will close the thread and announce the winner on July 2nd.**

Camp Aloha Friends– Email us your “essay” — It does not have to be a long one, we just want you to go to Mel’s site and look at all Camp Aloha Friends has to offer.  If you are up for it, then email us your thoughts on the camp and why you would like to “go.”  We will announce the scholarship winner when we record June 11th. ** This is fast approaching, so get your entries in!!**

♦  Where to find us

You can email us at

You can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Ravelry as

Janis — JanisFicker

Ann — EAnnRN

Sarah — TheCopperCorgi

use #CarolinaFiberGirls to show us what you are working on.

We also have a Ravelry group and a website- come join us!

Janis’ Arbonne Site

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