Episode 119 Steal your Jujuy

Episode 119 Steal your Jujuy

We get you up to date on all that has happened on our brief hiatus.

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Episode 118 – Ann has a problem

Episode 118

Life is a little crazy these days.  We are going to be going to an every-other-week recording schedule.

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Episode 117 – Almost Christmas

Episode 117

Join us as we chat about what is going on in our knitting and non-knitting lives!

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Episode 116 – Harry Potter Day

Episode 116

It’s Ann’s Harry Potter day — She lived!  

The Frolic was awesome!! We all have decided we need a Breathing Space sweater and we both may have yarn for it already.

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Episode 115 – The “G” Word

Episode 115 The “G” Word

SOCKtober prizes are announced!!  You need to contact me EAnnRN. by Dec 1 or it will be redrawn.   

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Episode 114 – Head on Collision

Episode 114

Vacation for Janis was good. SAFF was fabulous. SOCKtober is over. Mass o’ prizes will be handed out next week.

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Ep 113- Crystal Ball

Episode 113

The Divine Llama Winery was SO much fun!

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Episode 112 – A New Dyer

Episode 112 -A New Dyer

Ran into Jenn at the white water center. I’m quitting football – Vols, UNCC, Panthers. Ann went to the homecoming football game at Indian Land High School

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Episode 104 – SOCKtober Preorders

Episode 104  SOCKtober Preorders

Ann is back at work, students start Monday, and Janis is busy too!  Join us as we chat about our knitting and preview some SOCKtober preorders.

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Episode 79- Everything from Rhinebeck has been Knit

Episode 79

We’re Back!!! Jan is with us! Ann had a good break, helped a sick friend and enjoyed her time off.  Janis recaps her Christmas vacation to the west coast.  To see some of the photos check out THIS link.

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Episode 78- Oh Snap and a Mermaid

Episode 78

Happy Birthday Janis!! SOCKtober prizes have finally been mailed!  Thank you for your patience!! Sorry!  We will do it differently next year.  Click here for Show Notes!

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Episode 77- Another Hooker

Episode 77

Not much excitement other than Brian had a good birthday weekend.


Ann – I forgot 2 FOs last week – Drop Stitch Cowl

  • Yarn: Loops and Threads Chrisma
  • Colors: Sunny Day and Chocolate Cupcake
  • Needles:  Knit Picks
  • Needle Size: US 11
  • Notes – finished both last Sunday Afternoon

Ann – Baa-ble Hat by Donna Smith

  • Yarn: Copper Corgi targhee
  • Colors: pear, plum, natural ( black is mighty stitch)
  • Needles size: US 6&8
  • Notes: started and finished on this Sunday, need to make pom pom

Ann – Skull Balaclava for Kevin(Jackyll and Hyde by Saskia de Feijter from Knitty)

Ann – Chihuahua dog for friend’s daughter – Lucky by Doris Yu


Janis – Fly Away by Tin Can Knits

  • Yarn: Knit Picks Brava
  • Colors: white, grass green and black
  • Needles:  Dreamz
  • Needle Size: US 7
  • Seaming

Ann – Fly Away by Tin Can Knits

Ann – Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot

Ann – I have a confession…blanket squares

Ann – Rook by Kyoko Nakayoshi

Janis – Sawyer by Julie Hoover

  • Yarn: Shepherd’s Wool
  • Color: Michigan Blue
  • Needles: Dreamz
  • Needles size: 7s maybe

Waiting WIPs

Janis –  Sock blank socks

  • Yarn: Twist Fiber Studio
  • Color: Groovy Baby – tie-dyed sock blank
  • Needles: 9” circ
  • Needle Size: US 0
  • Living in the car, first sock almost done

Janis – Maritime by Amy Miller

Janis- Leftie by Martina Behme

  • Yarn: Miss Babs
  • Colors: Little Red and Funny Papers
  • Needles: US 3

Janis – Socktober Knee Highs

  • Yarn: Kirby Wirby * SOCKtober sponsor*
  • Color: Carolina Girls – Best in the World
  • Needles: 9” circ
  • Needle Size: US 0
  • Notes: Bootylicious heel

Janis – Monster Mash Tumbling Blocks by Leah Oakley  * SOCKtober sponsor*

  • Yarn: Manic Pixie Dream Yarns * SOCKtober sponsor*
  • Color: Monster Mash Up
  • Needles: Sock Rockets
  • Needle size: US 1

Ann –  Critter socks – Jaguar by  Cate Carter-Evans  * SOCKtober sponsor*

  • Yarn: Helix by Infinite Twist
  • Color: Spooky Purple and Fluffy Clouds
  • Needles: Knit Picks Fixed Circs
  • Needle size: US 2

Janis- Quicksilver by Melanie Berg *2015 goal*

Janis- Rose City Rollers

  • Yarn: Lilliput
  • Color: Carolina Dog
  • Needles: Karbonz
  • Needle Sizes: US 0
  • Notes – SOCKtober, Rounded toe from the Sock Architecture

Newly Acquired

Janis – nope

Ann – nope

Other stuff we chatted about

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