Episode 75 – What’s the Date

Episode 75

Happy Thanksgiving! And Christmas is coming!!!!


Ann – Boardwalk by Elizabeth Pedersen

Ann – Bankhead Hat


Janis- Leftie by Martina Behme

  • Yarn: Miss Babs
  • Colors: Little Red and Funny Papers
  • Needles: US 3

Janis – Maritime by Amy Miller

Janis – Fly Away by Tin Can Knits

  • Yarn ordered

Janis – Sawyer by Julie Hoover

Ann – The Doodler by Steven West

  • Yarn: Dragonfly Fiber Dijiini and Blissful Knits
  • Colors: Heroine and Riptide and unknown
  • Needles: Karbonz
  • Needle size: US 4
  • Notes – clue 2 done.  Clue 3 is ⅓ done
  • Living in my Jan smiley bag from the Fall Frolic

Ann – I have a confession…blanket squares

Janis –  Sock blank socks

  • Yarn: Twist Fiber Studio
  • Color: Groovy Baby – tie-dyed sock blank
  • Needles: 9” circ
  • Needle Size: US 0
  • Living in the car, first sock almost done

Waiting WIPs

Janis – Socktober Knee Highs

  • Yarn: Kirby Wirby * SOCKtober sponsor*
  • Color: Carolina Girls – Best in the World
  • Needles: 9” circ
  • Needle Size: US 0
  • Notes: Bootylicious heel

Janis – Monster Mash Tumbling Blocks by Leah Oakley  * SOCKtober sponsor*

  • Yarn: Manic Pixie Dream Yarns * SOCKtober sponsor*
  • Color: Monster Mash Up
  • Needles: Sock Rockets
  • Needle size: US 1

Ann –  Critter socks – Jaguar by  Cate Carter-Evans  * SOCKtober sponsor*

  • Yarn: Helix by Infinite Twist
  • Color: Spooky Purple and Fluffy Clouds
  • Needles: Knit Picks Fixed Circs
  • Needle size: US 2

Janis- Quicksilver by Melanie Berg *2015 goal*

Janis- Rose City Rollers

  • Yarn: Lilliput
  • Color: Carolina Dog
  • Needles: Karbonz
  • Needle Sizes: US 0
  • Notes – SOCKtober, Rounded toe from the Sock Architecture

Newly Acquired

Janis That Purple Girl bag,  Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery 2016 Sampler

Other stuff we chatted about

Absolute Wonder bag

White Cable Sweater KAL – very unofficial…knit either a white sweater, a cabley sweater or a white, cabley sweater with us!!

NaKniSweMo Kal

Infinite twist affiliate code CFG. Use for extra goodies anytime

Ann is doing Relay For Life –  My Relay website  


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Episode 74 – Punchy

Episode 74

We recap our Fall Frolic

Ultraviolet pattern by Ela Torrente, my super secret test knit, is out!!

Ann is doing Relay For Life –  My Relay website  

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Episode 73 – Winners!!

Episode 73

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Episode 72 – A Little bit ISH

Episode 72 –  A Little bit ISH

Uneventful weeks – knitting and football weekend.

Ann is doing Relay For Life –  My Relay website  If you donate here, or any cancer charity, you will earn an extra 5 bonus points for SOCKtober!!!

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