Episode 67 Party up Ho

Janis is feeling a little under the weather

So sorry about last week’s audio!!!!!!

Ann is doing Relay For Life –  My Relay website  If you donate here, or any cancer charity, you will earn an extra 5 bonus points for SOCKtober!!!

Join us as we chat about what we are working on!!

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Episode 66 – Fine Print

Episode 66 – Tiny Print On the Last Page

Ann had a birthday and Janis’ husband had his race.  Join us as we chat about all our WIPs!

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Episode 65 – Socks of Christmas Past

Episode 65

We are visiting Cristi’s yarn room and enjoy recording with her this week.  This is a longer episode that lately since the three of us obviously like to talk 😉

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Episode 64 – Zombie Killer

Episode 64

We both had intense weeks and are happy to be chatting about our knitting!  Click to read more!

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SOCKtober 2015

SOCKtober is Coming!

We could not be more excited to be hosting SOCKtober again this year. 2015 will be even bigger and better than last year! We’ve teamed up with some AMAZING sponsors and have a box full of prizes to give away. Some sponsors have created SOCKtober exclusive products, so jump on those orders early before they run out. Don’t forget to use the #SOCKtoberisComing, #SOCKtober and #CarolinaFiberGirls

SOCKtober Sponsors

Self Striping Sock Yarn:

  • Lollipop Yarns
  • Kirby Wirby
  • Quaere Fibers
  • Manic Pixie

Speckled / Variegated Sock Yarn:

  • Lilliput Yarns
  • Space Cadet Creations
  • Honeycomb Yarns
  • BlueMoon Fiber Arts
  • The Copper Corgi

Solid Sock Yarn:

  • Infinite Twist


  • Fibretown Designs
  • LaLa Knits
  • MrsShoo
  • Rose Hiver
  • Lara Neel
  • Leah Oakley
  • BellyButtonKnits
  • Just Run Knit
  • Cristi Payne
  • Ann Clingenpeel

Project Bags:

  • That Purple Girl
  • Honeycomb Yarns
  • Six Munchkin Stitching
  • Jan B Smiley

Notions and Accessories:

  • Jan B Smiley
  • EduKnit

Discount Codes:

  • Quaere Fibers-  20% off orders over $30 using the code SOCKTOBER, Now- November 30.
  • Manic Pixie- 10% off using the code SOCKTOBERFEST, now- December 31.
  • Lilliput- 15% off using the code SOCKTOBER2015, now- October 31.
  • BlueMoon Fiber Arts- 10% off using the code SOCKTOBER2015, October 14- 31. (one use only)
  • Honeycomb Yarns- 20% off everything in her etsy shop using the code SOCKtober, Now- November 1.
  • Infinite Twist- Free Mini Skeins using the affiliate CFG.
  • Fibretown Designs- 25% off using the code SOCKTOBER, September 15- November 1.
  • LaLa Knits- 25% off using the code SOCKTOBER, Now- October 31.
  • Just Run Knit- 50% off using the code SOCKTOBER2015, Now- October 17.
  • Lara Neel- 50% off Craftsy clas, Socks My Way. Use this link
  • BellyButtonKnits- 25% off Ravelry downloads, as well as da Treehouse pattern, using the code mustknitsocks, Now- October 31. (except A Piece of the Puzzle)
  • Leah Oakley- $1 off a pattern using the code SOCKTOBER,September 15- October 31. (one use only)
  • Ann Clingenpeel- 50% off a pattern using the code SOCKTOBER, Now- October 31.
  • Cristi Payne- 20% off socks patterns using the code SOCKtober, Now – October 31.
  • That Purple Girl- 10% off using the code SOCKTOBER, October 1-31.
  • Jan B Smiley- Free US Shipping on Watchful Eyes Bag and a exclusive Green Poke Me Not using the code SOCKTOBER, while supplies last.

SOCKtober exclusive products you can purchase:

  • Lollipop Yarns- Rebel Without a Rainbow
  • Quaere Fibers- SOCKtober
  • Manic Pixie- Monster Mash-up
  • Lilliput Yarns- Carolina Dog
  • BlueMoon Fiber Arts- SOCKtober
  • The Copper Corgi- Carolina Fiber Ghouls
  • That Purple Girl- SOCKtober Triangle Bag
  • Six Munchin Stitching- Fox Socks Bag
  • Jan B Smiley- Watchful Eyes Bag

Rebel Without a Rainbow with titleOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20150816_223732Carolina DogPrizeSTRSOCKtoberPrizeCarolinaFiberGhoulPrizeBakergirlBagFoxSocksPrizeIMG_4225

Rules for the KaL

Listeners will earn points for each PAIR of socks they finish. You decide what a pair means :). Works in Progress will count, so now is a great time to pull out those single socks and make them some mates. You must do some KNITTING on the sock. Finish the toe on a top down,  finish the ribbing on a bottom up or finally get that afterthought heel put in.

There will be three threads in the Ravelry group where prizes are drawn from. You must be a member or the group to win a prize.

The Points Thread. Here you will have one post per person. Edit that post with each finished pair and total up your points. The top 5 points earners will automatically win a prize.

The SOCKclinic. Need help with your heel turn? Can’t figure out the cast on? Don’t know how make a well fitting sock. This is a great place to get help from some of your fellow knitters.

SOCKtalk. Chat away about matching yarn to pattern. Share your FOReals!?!?!? or contribute to the debate on favorite sock needles.

Prizes will be drawn from each thread as well as from Instagram using the #SOCKtoberisComing, #SOCKtober and #CarolinaFiberGirls

Points system based on a PAIR:

Shortie / Kid Socks – 5 Points
Socks – 10 Points
Knee High / Leg Warmers – 15 Points
Use a Sponsors item – 5 Bouns Points*

*Bonus points for bags/tools can only be counted once per bag. If you have 25 That Purple Girl bags and 18 Poke Me Nots, you can count each one once…but you can’t make the same bag count over and over.

Rule interpretations:

  • Sponsors are will earn points for using items from other sponsors. JanBSmiley does not get points for using a Poke me Not, but does get points for using Lollipop yarn.
  • You do earn bonus points for each sponsor you use. You can NOT double dip the same sponsor in a project unless it is a distinctly different items. ie, a bag and a stitch marker. Using two patterns from the same designer in one project only counts as one sponsor.
  • Knee highs are different from one person to the next. Ann’s legs are a whole lot more knitting than Janis’. Pairs of socks weighing more than 95 grams will be considered Knee Highs.
  • Each project earns bonus points in four categories:Yarn, Pattern, Project Bag, Notion.  You can earn bonus points in each category with each project. If you use the same sponsor for all 4 categories it’s 20 points. If you use the same sponsor in the same category it’s only 5 points. If you use two sponsors in the same category that is 10 points.

KaL Prizes

  • Lollipop Yarns- Rebel Without a Rainbow
  • Lollipop Yarns-Karma Chameleon
  • Quaere Fibers- SOCKtober
  • Manic Pixie- Monster Mash-up
  • Lilliput Yarns- Carolina Dog (2)
  • BlueMoon Fiber Arts- SOCKtober
  • The Copper Corgi- Carolina Fiber Ghouls
  • Kirby Wirby- Carolina Girls, Best in the World
  • Space Cadet Creations- Mini Skein Bundle (2)
  • Infinite Twist- Baaah Feet Critter Set
  • Mudd Punch- Lesa’s X-ray mind
  • That Purple Girl- SOCKtober Triangle Bag
  • Six Munchin Stitching- Fox Socks Bag
  • Jan B Smiley- Watchful Eyes Bag **Ewesyouryarn**
  • Honeycomb Yarns- Pumpkin Bag **samisuzie**
  • Left Field Knitter- Pink Zebra Bag
  • Fibretown Podcast- Sock Innovation by Cookie A
  • Fibretown Podcast- Kertzer On Your Toes
  • Fibretown Podcast- Best Foot Forward Yarn
  • Megan William- Self Stripping Kit, Color Wheel Yarn and Just Run Knit pattern
  • Fibretown Designs- Pattern of your choice
  • LaLa Knits- Five pattern Bundle (2)
  • MrsShoo- Pattern of your choice
  • Rose Hiver- Pattern of your choice (2)
  • Lara Neel- Sock Architecture Book
  • Leah Oakley- Pattern of your choice (4)
  • BellyButtonKnits- Three pattern Bundle (3)
  • Just Run Knit- Pattern of your choice (5)
  • Cristi Payne- Pattern of your choice (2)
  • Ann Clingenpeel- Pattern of your choice (2)
  • EduKnit- Three Month Trial (2)

Lets knit some SOCKS!