SAFF Special Mini Episode!

We met so many of our listeners!!

We had a SAFF sock kit, featuring a pattern by Ann (Fletcher’s Falling Leaves), yarn dyed by Sarah and a bag by JanBSmiley

Janis got a mini Erin Lane bag, Dragonfly Fibers yarn, a JanBSmiley Camper bag, Verdant Griffon yarn

Ann got a Bobbin Works (The Anita Bag) – wrist bag, Dragonfly Fibers Dijini sock yarn – 3 skeins in District 12, Heroine, and Riptide for the Exit 0 by Laura Ayler

We drooled over Miss Babs and Knitty and Color (Ann visited the Knitty and Color booth and showed off her handspun WIP Goodale out of her fiber)

We gushed about The Copper Corgi’s new Jones street yarn – Merino/Alpaca/Silk blend

Sarah got sparkle KirbyWirby Panties for her birthday.