Episode 118 – Ann has a problem

Episode 118

Life is a little crazy these days.  We are going to be going to an every-other-week recording schedule.

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Episode 117 – Almost Christmas

Episode 117

Join us as we chat about what is going on in our knitting and non-knitting lives!

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Episode 116 – Harry Potter Day

Episode 116

It’s Ann’s Harry Potter day — She lived!  

The Frolic was awesome!! We all have decided we need a Breathing Space sweater and we both may have yarn for it already.

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Episode 115 – The “G” Word

Episode 115 The “G” Word

SOCKtober prizes are announced!!  You need to contact me EAnnRN. by Dec 1 or it will be redrawn.   

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Episode 114 – Head on Collision

Episode 114

Vacation for Janis was good. SAFF was fabulous. SOCKtober is over. Mass o’ prizes will be handed out next week.

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Ep 113- Crystal Ball

Episode 113

The Divine Llama Winery was SO much fun!

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Episode 112 – A New Dyer

Episode 112 -A New Dyer

Ran into Jenn at the white water center. I’m quitting football – Vols, UNCC, Panthers. Ann went to the homecoming football game at Indian Land High School

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Episode 111 – We Found a California Fiber Girl

Episode 111

Fall is here!! Finally!!

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Episode 110- Duck it

Episode 110 – SOCKtober is here!

Crazy lives going on for us both.

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Episode 109 – Full of Ho’s Today

Episode 109 – Full of HOs Today

Fall is coming, kinda.

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Episode 108- 43 no longer perfect

Episode 108 – No longer perfect

Brian’s team did an awesome job on their relay! We are both over the 90 degree weather, and Ann really doesn’t want to work outside in it.

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SOCKtober2016 Rules

Listeners will earn points for each PAIR of socks they finish. You decide what a pair means :). Works in Progress will count, so now is a great time to pull out those single socks and make them some mates. You must do some KNITTING on the sock. Finish the toe on a top down,  finish the ribbing on a bottom up or finally get that afterthought heel put in.

There will be three threads in the Ravelry group where prizes are drawn from. You must be a member or the group to win a prize.

The FO Thread. Here you will have one post per person. Edit that post with each finished pair and total up your points. The top 5 points earners will automatically win a prize. See an example HERE.

The Sock Doctor Thread. Need help with your heel turn? Can’t figure out the cast on? Don’t know how make a well fitting sock. This is a great place to get help from some of your fellow knitters.

SOCKtober2016 is coming Thread. Chat away about matching yarn to pattern. Share your FOReals!?!?!? or contribute to the debate on favorite sock needles.

Prizes will be drawn from each thread as well as from Instagram using the #SOCKtoberisComing, #SOCKtober and #CarolinaFiberGirls

Points system based on a PAIR:

Shortie / Kid Socks (less than 50 grams) – 5 Points

Socks (51-94 grams) – 10 Points

Knee High / Leg Warmers (95+ Grams) – 15 Points

Use a Sponsors item – 5 Bonus Points*

Use an item won or purchased from a 2015 SOCKtober sponsor – 5 Bonus points**

*Bonus points for bags/tools can only be counted once per bag. If you have 25 That Purple Girl bags and 18 Poke Me Nots, you can count each one once…but you can’t make the same bag count over and over.

**This is a great way to earn points from your prizes that year.

Rule interpretations:

Sponsors can earn points by using other sponsors items. But do not earn points for using their own items.

Each project earns bonus points in four categories:Yarn, Pattern, Project Bag, Notion.  You can earn bonus points in each category with each project. If you use the same sponsor for all 4 categories it’s 20 points. If you use the same sponsor in the same category it’s only 5 points. If you use two sponsors in the same category that is 10 points.

If a sponsor is participating in more than one category you can count them twice in the same project. Example Alana Dakos is a pattern AND notions sponsor. If you use her pattern and one of her notions in the same project you earn points for both.

If you use two yarns from two different sponsors you earn bonus points for each sponsor. If you use two yarns from one sponsor you only earn bonus points once.